Meet Corrinne

For 30 years, patients have traveled to The Woodlands, Texas from around the globe to see Dr. Guy M. Lewis because they trust his knowledge, skill and experience to give them the smile of their dreams. Corrinne Johnson is one of those patients. A native Houstonian, Corrinne first traveled to see Dr. Lewis from across town in Katy. Now she lives and work in Dallas, but still makes a point of flying or driving to Houston to visit Dr. Lewis for all of her dental needs.


Corrinne Johnson, actual patient of Dr. Guy M. Lewis

Dr. Lewis does an amazing smile makeover on Corrinne

TCCID: How did you find out about Dr. Lewis?

Corrinne: I travel a lot and I first noticed Dr. Lewis in the United Airlines magazine. And when I started doing research, he continued to come up. I wanted to make sure that I went to someone who was knowledgeable and who people liked, and that’s why I chose Dr. Lewis.

TCCID: Why did you seek him out to get help with your smile?

Corrinne: I chipped my tooth in 2nd grade. The colors in my teeth didn’t match and I couldn’t whiten them. I knew at some point that I would have to figure out a permanent solution and veneers was going to be the best option.

TCCID: What did Dr. Lewis do for your smile?

Corrinne: He fixed my smile with non-prep G. Lewis Veneers. That was such a relief for me because didn’t have to reduce my teeth. He also did gum lasering to make everything look perfect. But what he really did for me is changed my confidence. I was so self-conscious before and now I smile all the time!

TCCID: How would you describe your experience?

Corrinne: Everybody was so comforting, making sure that I knew exactly what was going on. I felt like I had a say in what my smile was going to look like. Dr. Lewis really took my suggestions for what I wanted my smile to look like and made that a reality. So many dentists just want to make a cookie-cutter smile, but not Dr. Lewis. The staff was so kind and I felt very happy. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He even called me after I left to check on me and make sure I was doing okay.

TCCID: Why did you make the decision and the effort to travel to see him?

Corrinne: I knew that cosmetic surgery can be a terrifying thing and I wanted to go to somebody who knew what he was doing, was at the top of his field, had extensive experience, and that everybody else was extremely satisfied with. He was the person that I found through magazines, through online research that I wanted to trust with that huge change in my life.

TCCID: Why should other people come and see Dr. Lewis?

Corrinne: He and his team are extremely professional. They are really there to make sure that you feel comfortable. You are informed and you have a say in how your smile looks and how the process should go. That really meant a lot to me. At the end of the day, everybody was so kind and compassionate and followed up with me. They really care about you as a patient.