Porcelain Crowns

Do you have a tooth that is badly damaged, or a gap left by missing teeth that needs to be filled? A dental crown may be an excellent solution. At the Texas Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, our cosmetic dentists provide patients in The Woodlands, Houston and surrounding communities with beautiful porcelain crowns. In addition to restoring oral function, these crowns have so much aesthetic value that we often use them in cosmetic dentistry treatments as part of a smile makeover.

Porcelain crowns are an extremely versatile cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatment option. They can be used to cover a natural tooth (for example, to protect a broken or discolored tooth, cover a tooth after root canal treatment, or to anchor a dental bridge). Alternatively, a crown can be placed over a dental implant to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. Modern crowns are made of beautiful tooth-colored porcelain that is amazingly natural-looking; visit our Smile Makeover Gallery to see examples of how crowns for teeth can improve your smile.

Placement of Porcelain Crowns

Typically, two visits to our office in The Woodlands are required to place porcelain crowns. The dentist begins both visits by administering local anesthesia. In the first visit, the dentist prepares the tooth for the crown, makes impressions of the teeth and mouth, and sends these impressions to a dental laboratory, where technicians will custom-craft the crown. The dentist concludes the first visit by placing a temporary crown, which the patient will wear for about two weeks until the permanent crown is ready. At this point, the patient returns to our office to have the permanent crown placed. In this visit, the dentist places the crown over the natural tooth to be treated and ensures its fit with the surrounding teeth and bite. With proper upkeep, dental crowns can typically last at least five to 15 years, and we have patients whose crowns have lasted more than 20 years.

(The placement process for implant-supported porcelain crowns is slightly different; learn more about the implant dentistry process.)

Porcelain Crowns vs. Porcelain Veneers

The biggest difference between porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers is the amount of material used for the procedure. A porcelain veneer is a thin, durable cover that conceals the front portion of a badly stained or damaged tooth, similar to the way a contact lens fits over an eye. This revolutionary technology only changes the front of a tooth’s structure, leaving the backside unchanged.

On the other hand, a porcelain crown replaces the entire external portion of a tooth—front, back, and sides. Also known as a “cap,” a porcelain crown fits over the entire surface of a tooth down to the gum line, providing a new tooth surface that looks and acts like a natural tooth.

Are you ready to have the smile of your dreams? Contact us today to find out how porcelain crowns can transform your smile.