Smile Lift


Cosmetic dentistry smile lift can make you look 20 years younger!Are you trying to find a way to gain back a more youthful appearance, but you’re hesitant about going under the knife? If you feel like cosmetic surgery is the only option to achieve the look you want, but you feel like it’s too extreme, a smile lift could be the perfect solution for you. A smile lift offers many patients the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic surgery without the danger normally involved in invasive surgeries. And the best part? There is no recovery time.


As people get older, the corners of the mouth tend to turn down when the skin begins to sag. This can give the appearance of constantly frowning even when you really aren’t. In addition to skin sagging, years of use and wear on teeth have ground the teeth down and actually made the face look scrunched and contorted: the nose and jaw are closer together and this subliminally makes people think you look old. By adding tooth structure, you actually restore youthful face proportions. Through the marvel of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Lewis can place porcelain veneers over the teeth in such a way that the lips are repositioned and better supported, which consequently makes them appear fuller and more turned up. This type of smile design requires a true artist, and Dr. Lewis can combine a number of other cosmetic options such as teeth whitening and laser gum recontouring when needed to provide a smile for each patient that is a unique work of art while also enhancing their youthful appearance. Each individual patient is able to have a consultation with Dr. Lewis to discuss what they hope to achieve and what concerns they have for their smile. Dr. Lewis then designs the smile lift on an individual basis to suit the person’s personality, looks and desires.


Receiving a smile lift requires two visits to our office in The Woodlands.

Cosmetic dentistry (smile lift) on an actual patientFIRST VISIT:

During the first visit, you will meet with Dr. Lewis for a cosmetic consultation to determine what you are hoping to accomplish with your smile lift. You will then have a mold taken of your teeth and mouth.


When the veneers are ready, patients return to our office to have them placed. In this visit, Dr. Lewis bonds the veneers directly to the surface of the tooth, adjusts their fit with the teeth and bite, and buffs them to a shine. The final result is a luminous new smile that looks and feels indistinguishable from the natural teeth and an improved lip placement that results in a younger-looking appearance.