Patients with missing teeth can now achieve a beautiful, functioning smile in just one day with Dentures. Whether you are looking for full, partial, removable, or fixed dentures, Dr. Guy Lewis can create a beautiful, long-lasting denture for you today.

We have the ability to craft dentures of all types for patients of all age ranges. And, when you are considering dentures, remember that a good cosmetic dentist will give your face a more youthful look by elongating your smile and restoring the natural proportions of your face.

Dental Implant Dentures

dental implant denturesSimply by adding a set of four or more strategically placed dental implants, a new foundation can be created to support and anchor your denture. This new structure relieves the pressure on the gums and provides the constant stimulation that the jaw bone requires. This configuration is referred to as implant overdentures, all-on-four, all-on-six, or implant-fixed dentures.

In fact, this stimulation has been proven to prevent the bone loss that would otherwise affect the fit of the dentures and the shape of your facial profile.  With traditional implants, each tooth has its own individual implant, serving as the tooth’s root. With Implant fixed dentures, four or more implants are placed to take the best advantage of the bone mass in your jaw.

A full arch of prosthetic teeth can be supported on these implants, which are replaced after a short period of time with custom-made teeth. Since this procedure only uses four or more implants, the surgery is less extensive, and this also shortens healing time. In a single dental visit, the dental implants can be placed in the bone and a full denture can be immediately connected. This revolutionary procedure can be effective for patients who have suffered severe bone loss after years of denture use, as well as for those who are facing the loss of all of their natural teeth.

Prosthetics are made from high quality ceramics and acrylics. Ceramics closely resemble natural teeth because they are slightly translucent and reflect light. They also match a tooth’s natural color as well. Acrylics and Porcelain are used in combination with other materials to mimic the appearance of soft tissues like the gums. Furthermore, these prosthetic teeth are crafted on an individual basis and are made to match the shape and size of a patient’s mouth.  Following the procedure, you will have new, natural-looking teeth that won’t move in your mouth and that will allow you to eat all your favorite foods.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Cosmetic dentistry can make you look 20 years younger!Having dentures anchored directly to the jawbone provides functional, health-related, and aesthetic benefits.  The dentures stay securely in place, so patients can laugh, speak, and eat without having to worry about their dentures shifting out of place.  Implant-supported dentures tend to last longer than tooth-supported dentures, since they suffer less wear and tear due to movements of the mouth.  Since the dentures are supported by the implant, they do not cause the crowding, gum, or bone problems often associated with tooth-supported restorations.  Patients with implant-supported dentures tend to enjoy greater freedom in their everyday activities, as well as enhanced oral health.

If you live in or near or The Woodlands or Houston areas and are interested in dentures supported by dental implants, we invite you to contact the Texas Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

Implant-Supported Dentures – Placement Process

Receiving implant-supported dentures requires two visits to our office in The Woodlands:  the first for dental implants placement, and a second for dentures placement.  Our team of professionals will be dedicated to your comfort and peace of mind throughout the implant dentistry process.

With Implant Fixed Dentures, you will feel your confidence soar as you move through the day with teeth that you can depend on. If you have further questions or are interested in learning more about dental implant dentures, contact us today to schedule a consultation.