Root Canal

Thanks to modern technology and procedures, dreading a root canal can be a thing of the past. Our doctors are trained in the latest technologies and materials to help minimize the pain associated with this dental procedure. If you need a root canal, contact us to find out how we can make your visit as pleasant as possible.

What is a Root Canal?

A dentist performs a root canal when the inside of a tooth has become inflamed or infected with dental decay. This infection can occur as a result of bacteria from food entering inside the cracks of a damaged tooth—where brushing is unfeasible. Common causes of a cracked tooth include poor dental care that compromises tooth structure, chewing or biting hard foods, or extensive dental procedures that involve cutting or reshaping teeth.

Root Canal Treatment   

A root canal procedure in picturesTreating a root involves surgically removing the infected or swollen dental pulp tissue as well as cleansing the tooth area of bacteria. After sterilization, the canal is sealed with a non-soluble filling material, usually a rubber substance called “gutta percha.” The sealant used in the procedure is biologically compatible with tooth composition—and if properly administered, a root canal procedure will keep bacteria from causing dental abscess.