Custom Sports Mouthguards

Under Armour Performance MouthguardWhether you are a professional athlete, a student athlete, or in Little League, one of the most important things you can do is take steps to protect your teeth before an injury happens. Wearing a mouthguard is vital for contact sports and allows you to reach your full potential as an athlete without worrying about the impact that a blow to the jaw might have on your teeth. At the Texas Center for Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry (TCCID), we offer Under Armour performance mouthguards that are custom fitted to your teeth to ensure that you have a perfect fit and optimal protection.


Under Armour offers custom mouthguards for the top teeth and custom mouthpieces for the bottom teeth in order to provide full coverage and protection. We will take an impression of your teeth before sending it to the Bite Tech lab, which allows us to create mouthguards with a snug, superior fit.

Houston Astros get custom moutguards at Spring Training 2015

Brenda fits Houston Astros player for a custom mouthguard at 2015 Spring Training


In independent studies, benefits have even been found to include increased strength, increased endurance and improved reaction time. ArmourBite® mouthguards and mouthpieces are scientifically proven to help athletes train harder and perform better than ever. And due to advancements in the dental field, we can avoid the one-size-fits-all approach and provide the ultimate fit and comfort available.


These dental-fit mouthguards are available in a range of custom-color combinations for you to choose from. It can even be personalized with your name and/or jersey number and your team logo at no additional cost.