Teeth Whitening

If you would like to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, consider teeth whitening – one of the quickest, easiest ways to make your smile sparkle.  Professional bleaching products can take years off your smile by removing stains from the enamel caused by coffee, tobacco, red wine, certain medications, and the effects of aging.  At the Texas Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry in The Woodlands, our cosmetic dentists provide patients with Zoom!® teeth whitening as well as at-home whitening – options that can make your smile gleam, without damaging your teeth like other bleaching products available.  Visit our Smile Makeover Gallery to view examples of the results possible with teeth whitening, and then contact our office to schedule your own smile makeover consultation.

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Zoom!® teeth whitening, named the “most effective” teeth whitening treatment by Women’s Health, is an advanced single-visit whitening system.  In just one visit to our office in The Woodlands, the Zoom!® whitening system can whiten your teeth up to ten shades, making it a desirable smile makeover option.  The Zoom!® system utilizes a gentle yet powerful whitening gel, activated by a special light, to remove deep-set stains from the enamel.  The entire process takes about two hours, so you can schedule a whitening appointment during your lunch break and return to work with a brilliant new smile.  We have also found that many patients choose Zoom!® teeth whitening to complement Invisalign® and other cosmetic treatments.Zoom teeth whitening

Our Newest Addition: Zoom QuickPro Teeth Whitening

Zoom QuickPro teeth whitening is the newest addition to our whitening lineup, and it is one you don’t want to miss out on. If you have tried the traditional Zoom! whitening system and been pleased with the results, then you will be amazed at the efficiency of the Zoom QuickPro option. It only takes five minutes to apply the varnish, then you can leave the office and brush or wipe off 30 minutes later. In the amount of time it takes for you to enjoy a lunch break, you can have a brighter, more beautiful smile up to four shades whiter*! Many of our patients have found that it is convenient to schedule a Zoom QuickPro whitening session in conjunction with their regular teeth cleaning and easily accomplish both treatments in one visit. To learn more about the process, visit the Philips Zoom website or watch this video.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Although it takes longer to see results, we also offer at-home teeth whitening as a more affordable alternative. At-home whitening utilizes clear plastic trays to hold the bleaching gel against the teeth.  The trays are crafted to fit snugly and comfortably.  If you choose this option, you will simply visit our office near Houston to pick up your teeth whitening trays.  Then, you will simply fill the trays with whitening gel and wear the trays overnight while you sleep, every night.  The gel, which is less potent than Zoom!® whitening gel, gradually removes stains from the enamel.  When worn as directed, at-home teeth whitening can provide beautiful results in as little as two weeks.

KöR Whitening System

For patients with sensitive teeth, we offer KöR.  The KöR Whitening System works by restoring the teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen.  When the oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed into the tooth, it aids in the process of dissolving stain molecules.  KöR is also recognized as the only system that whitens tetracycline-stained teeth. We typically only recommend this whitening process for patients with extreme discoloration or staining.



*Actual results may vary on an individual patient basis.