Look YEARS younger with a Smile Lift from Dr. Guy Lewis: Carol

Smile Makeover with G Lewis Veneers: Kayla

Smile Lift takes years off your smile: Sandy

Video Transcription

 Sandy: As I was aging, I guess, my teeth weren’t as pretty as they used to be, so I found that I wasn’t smiling as much as I used to.

Dr. Lewis: Sandy’s a very beautiful lady. A lot of the patients I see, probably the majority of patients I see, are women over the age of 40, who a lot of times, they take care of themselves, stay in shape, look great, but there’s just some things they want to do to try to look younger. For Sandy, getting her teeth whiter, straightened up a little bit with the veneers, was perfect for her.

 Sandy: I’ve seen a lot of Dr. Lewis’ work and have been so impressed. I came to see him, and I’m so glad I did, because now I smile all the time.

 Dr. Lewis: It just really works great for a lot of people. She was a perfect candidate for that. It’s amazing to me that doing the veneers like we did for her, which is a pretty simple 2-visit process, 2 or 3 weeks apart. What a difference it can make in how someone looks; literally, 10 or 15 years younger.

 Sandy: It’s painless. It doesn’t take long. Dr. Lewis is very sensitive to your feelings of how you want to look. He’s a good listener. He listens to how I wanted my smile and my teeth to look, and he did exactly what I wanted.

 Dr. Lewis: It can be done so to where it’s not like people look at you and go, “Wow. Where’d you have your teeth done?” They look at you and go, “Man, you look great. What have you done? Have you been working out more? You just look . . .” For some people if their teeth are really bad, yeah, it’s going to be a noticeable change. For other people, it’s just one of those things to where you just look good, you look more alive, you look more refreshed, you just look better, but it’s not just a glaring, ‘What’d you do to your teeth?’

 Sandy: My family would say, “Okay. What did you do? Something’s different. Your smile is beautiful. Did you get your hair cut?” I just feel so good about my smile now. Smiling’s good. I’m not a big fan of going to the dentist, so this was a big deal for me. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Have the smile of your dreams: Sherrie

Video Transcription

Sherrie: I came to Dr. Lewis because I always wanted to have really white teeth. And my teeth were straight, I never had to wear braces, didn’t have any of those issues, but I had extreme sensitivity. So I could not use any of the whitening strips or the gels that anyone could. My gums were receding probably because I’m one of those brushers that brush the wrong way, I didn’t do the circular motion.

Dr. Lewis: She really wanted veneers. She had just gone through a lot of personal stuff and she wanted to make a change in her life, but she really did not want her teeth touched. She did not want anything reduced on her teeth or anything prepared.

Sherrie: So he walked me through the process and I found out that what he could do was, I didn’t have to have my teeth filed down, they just buffed them and he recreated my smile. It’s strange because he didn’t change a whole lot, but it did change a whole lot.

Dr. Lewis: We did the set on her and they turned out beautiful. I’ve done thousands of them and people are very happy with them. And what we’ve found out it, in most cases, they’re stronger, even though they’re very thin, they’re stronger than regular veneers because the strength isn’t derived totally from the thickness of the porcelain, you have to have a certain thickness, but it’s derived from the bond to the tooth. And we’ve found that when we bond to the enamel, which is the natural outer layer of the tooth, that we get a much stronger, much harder veneer.

Sherrie: Just the craftsmanship was amazing. It was like going to a DaVinci or somebody, because it was such tiny details, but it really changed my smile.

Dr. Lewis: In actuality, not only are they less destructive to the tooth, or you don’t have to take anything off the tooth, but they’re also stronger. And so they look great.

Sherrie: It was painless. I came back, he put them on, I was giving my hands a massage during the whole process, and I walked out and I had a perfect smile that looked natural. I enjoy smiling, and I love having people say, “You have the prettiest smile.”

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